The Perfect Bob

    June 9, 2021

    Graphic Penguin launched a redesign for The Perfect Bob, an ecommerce website for a professional home haircutting tool designed to cut the perfect Bob. The cutting template has grown in popularity internationally due to the Salon closures. The Bob is the hottest haircut right now, according to Google search volume data analysis from around the world. The Bob is so easy to wear and versatile. 2020 was a difficult year and many have felt stuck in a routine, a Bob suits everyones face shape and hair texture. The Google research, which lists the bob as the hottest haircut was carried out by a hairdressing insurance company and found the bob has 222,580 average monthly searches.

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    March 16, 2021
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    This year feeling creative decided to paint a series of pots for The Central Baldwin Chamber Annual Meeting silent action.  Graphic Penguin has been a member of this Chamber for 13 years, we recommend…

    February 5, 2021
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    Ylene Forwood Hypnosis

    Graphic Penguin launched a website for Ylene Forwood Hypnosis. Hypnotherapy with Ylene Forwood of Destin, Florida, uses guided relaxation, increase concentration and focused attention to help you achieve overall wellness. Hypnosis has been used…

    February 1, 2021