Bob Petersen Pottery

In March, we designed a new logo and launched a website for Bob Petersen Pottery. The gallery showcases all of his Functional and Decorative Handmade Ceramics. Bob’s pottery is influenced by life experiences and the shapes, forms, textures and colors in my environment. He explores ways to communicate my touch by transforming clay and creating individual qualities in each piece.

Graphic Penguin is developing Bob’s online store, so stayed tuned.

Bowling Penguins

We have been collecting penguins for years. Our clients and friends have contributed to the collection. Although there is not a final count on how many, we will be sharing the unique ones. We will continue to update, so visit often.


Riverside RV Resort

In january, we designed a new logo and launched a website for Riverside RV Resort. The links to local attractions make it easier for all of the out of town guests to plan their daily adventures while visiting Central Baldwin County. The Resort is  very “Family Friendly” located on Styx River in Robertsdale, just off the I-10 and owner managed.


Volunteer of the Year Award

I was honored to receive the Volunteer of the Year award from Central Baldwin Chamber of Commerce on January 17, 2019 . We relocated from Los Angeles 12 years ago, and the Chamber has been instrumental in helping to build our business.